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Damaged siding may seem like a simple cosmetic inconvenience, but holes or cracks in your siding can lead to much more harm to your home than you may think.  These presumptively harmless defects are actually entryways into your home for pests and moisture which can lead to infestations, harmful mold and damage to structural materials.  Siding replacements are also a great way to update the exterior of your home!  


Stark Roofing offers affordable and low maintenance options such as horizontal or vertical vinyl siding, as well as Hardie and LP engineered wood siding to create whatever image you have in mind for your home.

Whether you need a simple repair, a new home sided, or a full siding replacement, we are up for the job.  10-year workmanship warranties are included in all new or full-replacement siding jobs as well, so you can expect quality craftmanship when working with Stark Roofing.

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Quality is guaranteed when working with Stark Roofing.  10 year workmanship warranties back every new or replacement job!


Durable Siding Options

Choose from an array of quality materials like CertainTeed Vinyl Products. 



Door & Window Wraps

Stark Roofing is a full service siding contractor and can provide for all your siding needs!


Many Styles to Choose From

Create any vision that you may have for your home or business with Stark Roofing's siding options. 

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